Since 1990 ... Corporate Insurance and Bonds in Mexico, Aviation Insurance in Mexico, Cross Border Auto Insurance

MXGA Inc., Insurance  Travel, Irving, TX


MXGA is comprised of 4 group companies

1. MXGA Inc.
2. MXGA Auto Inc.
3. MXGA S.A. de C.V.
4. Planeacion Operativa, S.C.

These sister companies were formed 20 years ago by principals who each had many years of experience in international insurance, with particular emphasis on the Mexican market. Collectively, this team of professionals and their respective support staffs strive to be the ‘gold standard’ of insurance and bonding intermediary services for businesses and individuals seeking coverages in North American markets.

The mission of the MXGA group of companies is to . . .

  • Provide innovative and economical risk management solutions to corporate clients doing business in Mexico.
  • Bring insurance products and financial services to the burgeoning Mexican-American populations in the United Stated and Canada.
  • Serve as a cultural, linguistic and commercial bridge connecting business counterparts operating in territories governed by the NAFTA.
  • Deliver unmatched client and claims servicing.

MXGA Inc. / MXGA Auto Inc.

MXGA Inc. is privileged to have as clients numerous U.S. Fortune 1000 companies that do business in Mexico. Many of its client insureds initially interface with MXGA through their U.S. or Canadian retail insurance broker.

MXGA Inc. and MXGA Auto Inc. are based in Irving, Texas, conveniently located very near the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport. DFW’s strategic position in the geographic center of the NAFTA countries puts MXGA within a 3-hour or less flight to all its clients. MXGA Inc. specializes in managing placement of insurance products and services for multinational corporations conducting business in Mexico. MXGA Inc. and MXGA Auto Inc. uses personalized service and a web-based electronic portal to assist American, Canadian and Mexican agents in securing insurance coverage for cross-border movement of aircraft, cargo, people and vehicles, such as . . .

  • Private passenger and recreational vehicles, and travelers
  • Church and mission group equipment and personnel
  • Foreign registry aircraft operating in Mexico
  • Commercial trucks, buses, motor coaches
  • Marine and non-Marine transported cargo

MXGA S.A. de C.V.

Most corporate clients require a solid measure of local service. It is through our operation and this Mexican corporation that said service is rendered. Furthermore, for all aviation permit needs, our efforts are coordinated thru our Mexico City operation.

Planeacion Operativa, S.C.

Planeacion Operative, S.C. is also headquartered in Mexico City. Founded in 1996, Planeacion is home to 23 licensed Mexican insurance agents experienced in securing coverage for property and casualty, auto and truck fleet, and employee benefit risks of companies operating in Mexico. This team also provides an array of personal lines coverage for individuals who live and/or work in Mexico, including auto, home, life and medical insurance.