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Our Team


J.D. Dawson CPCU JD

Founder and President

Graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Notre Dame. Obtained his law degree (Doctor of Jurisprudence), specializing in insurance, from John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Private pilot for many years flying out of Palwaukee Airport. First American to hold corporate insurance brokerage license in Mexico and trade under own name, 7 years before MARSH or AON. Received the Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter degree from the College of Insurance in New York. Over a decade of overseas residency in Mexico, England and France. 30 plus years of international insurance experience, 6 years with Johnson & Higgins (now MARSH), and 10 years managing the international operations of Mexico's largest insurer, Seguros Comercial America (now AXA ). J.D. was under contract for many years with FM Global as well as Global Aerospace as their consultant in Mexico. J. D. is proud to be both an American and Mexican citizen.


Fernando Ordonez

General Manager

Fernando Ordonez graduated with an Administration degree in Computer Systems from the University of Chihuahua. Being both a Mexican and American citizen, Fernando has over 20 years of insurance experience (10 years in Mexico and 10 in the U.S.) He has work with ING-Comercial America (now AXA), as a project leader in the Administration Systems Area and was subsequently assigned as manager of the Underwriting and Tourist Claims Area. His areas of expertise include: administration and managing of web systems. Fernando always strives to serve our customers with the best attitude.


Maria Miranda

Corporate Manager

Maria C. Miranda has over 30 years in the insurance industry, mainly in the Property and Casualty lines. She worked in Mexico City as an account executive, as well as in Chicago and New York with managerial positions for Seguros Comercial America (now AXA Seguros). Maria was born in a small town of Puebla, Mexico, has lived in the USA for 33 years and she is privileged to have become an American citizen. Maria has been with MXGA since 1992 and always strives to serve our customers in a speedy manner.


Luz Vidal

Senior Consultant

Luz Vidal graduated with a Electronic and Communication Engineering with a specialty in Computing from the National Institute of Mexico City(IPN) and a Ecommerce development business specialty. She is an experienced professional with a successful 12-year track record as a SAP analyst programmer consultant in applications for Sales & Distribution, Finance, Material Management, Production and Services Manager plus 12-year partial-time as a small business ecommerce management. After being working as a consultant in Mexico City for several years, she continued her career in the Unites States working for several American Consultant Corporations as a senior consultant. She believes customer satisfaction should always be the highest priority in a company.


Barbara Santos

Business Development

Barbara Santos graduated with a Business Administration degree from the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City, and a certification program in Marketing and Competitive Strategies from the ITESM (Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey). She is a dynamic business executive with more than fifteen years of experience in marketing, business operations, public relations, customer service and management. After being involved in corporate business management for many years in the fitness and wellness industry in Mexico City, she moved to Colorado with her family, where she enjoys the beauty of the mountains by running and hiking every trail.